Krista at a show
Krista at a show

Upcoming Shows:

2010 NASGA Sea Glass festivalBIG NEWS! After 20+ years of living in Santa Cruz, California - we are moving! We will be taking a break during the 2016 season to focus on a big move out of state! Where to you may ask? I can tell you the water is warm and tropical. So to make this happen we will need time off and our studio will be shut down while we make this exciting transition to a new home and build a new studio. We are not gone - we just need some down time to make the move, so hope you stay tuned for updates and thank you for your patronage and support!

March 12-13, 2016 Cayucos Sea Glass Festival
We will be going to the Cayucos Sea Glass festival for the 6th year in a row and will be selling some amazing individual raw sea glass pieces (our first time ever selling our jewelry quality finds), lots of our one of a kind sea glass jars (each one with red, orange and Davenport treasures) and my handmade unique earrings. Sorry to dissapoint, but we will not be able to create any silver-smith creations - as our studio has been shut down for the season so we can make a big move out of state. Hope you come by and say hello in the beautiful town of Cayucos!

THANK YOU to all my amazing clients from Santa Cruz to Delaware - thank you for supporting our sea glass art!